Alcohol Addiction Hypnosis

You feel lost every day and things only make sense inside the bottle. I have found the help I have received from David invaluable. Every day I have more and more hope. Thank you so much.
Claire M. (Kendal)
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Alcohol Addiction Triggers

When it comes to alcohol abuse it is important first of all to not focus this problem on the person who is suffering. All too often we tell the addict that they must stop drinking and that they are out of control. In reality all this does is strengthen the problem by embedding a suggestion on a subconscious level that the alcoholic is unable to control their habit. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In my experience, the person who is labelled the alcoholic is not the one drinking but it is a part of their emotional baggage doing the real drinking. The alcoholic is simply self-medicating - suppressing and trying to numb negative emotions or some painful secret. Maybe they are suffering some kind of loss, or grieving or remembering and reliving some traumatic childhood memory. The first step therefore is recognising the root and finding out who or what is causing the drinking.

Ready To Move Forward?

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Alternative help with alcohol abuse through hypnosis

Gaining control over any addiction needs the person struggling with drinking excessively to recognise the problem exists and take responsibility. Just because negative things may have happened to you in your life does not mean they have to keep affecting you into your future where you still have options. The thoughts and emotions which are keeping you trapped and gripping the bottle are only an illusion and through hypnosis and hypnotherapy you can be empowered to let go of these subconscious ties so that the short lived high you get from a drink no longer exists

Do you you live outside Cumbria and unable to visit me in person? You can always listen to the specially created Mind-Sync audio therapy programme for Alcohol Aversion available for immediate download now from our ONLINE SHOP. This recording can be an effective first step towards seeking further professional help.

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