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Have you every noticed how Tiger Woods blinks twice before taking a swing? Why does he do that?

What is sports hypnosis?

Historically hypnosis has played a large role in helping sportsmen and women achieve their best through positive visualisation techniques. Hypnosis is effective for this particular area because once the mind is stimulated with neuro linguistic suggestions the body can increase athletic performance significantly. Once the subject can engage with hypnotherapy, they can improve speed, strength, and be more accurate and precise. A hypnotherapist like myself can work directly with the subconscious part of the mind to help eradicate fear or anxiety which can hamper performance, as well as help build a positive self image for greater commitment and motivation and of course better results

Is there any evidence for hypnosis in sport?

Sportsmen and women have used hypnosis throughout their careers. In 1996 boxer Steve Collins beat Chris Eubank by being programmed subconsciously to deliver two punches to every one punch from Eubank. Golfer Ian Woosnam also used hypnosis to improve his overall accuracy. US Tennis player Jimmy Connors used hypnosis to visualise and condition winning strokes. Olympic Champion Mary Lou Retton brought home Olympic gold for the US by envisioning the perfect race prior to competing. Even the amazing Tiger woods uses NLP and hypnosis before taking an important shot. Watch how he blinks twice to trigger a peak state. Sports hypnosis helps athletes on all levels to channel their mental focus without distraction so that they can out perform their competitors.

Treat your performance anxiety through hypnotherapy

Whatever your area of interest, hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP can help you move beyond average so that you can achieve your maximum potential. If you want to find out how to put yourself in the all important 'alpha zone' of mental focus then contact Hypnotherapist David Faratian today.

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