Gambling Addiction Hypnosis

Gambling addiction is a problem of our times.

Just like any drug addiction, smoking, alcohol, sex or heroine, gambling addiction is a very serious problem and is set to get worse as access to gambling opportunities grows. More people than ever before can gamble wherever and whenever they want thanks to the internet and mobile smart phones.

The problem with gambling is that it is a compulsive behaviour which is brought about by the release of a 'happy hormone' called Dopamine. This addictive chemical release makes the impulse to gamble very hard to control because the better you feel about one of your rare wins the more you need to gamble to feel the same way next time, and so the addiction begins.

What are the triggers for gambling?

Often gambling is brought about by negative triggers like stress, depression, fear and anxiety. Even your own low self esteem can compel you take up some kind of addictive behaviour. Gambling creates the illusion of happiness and good emotions every time the gambler temporarily wins. These feelings are often short lived, however , once the gambler inevitably loses. Once this happens the gambler will need to gamble again quickly to avoid the low moods and feel back in control. This is where the negative downward spiral begins.

Is there alternative treatment for your gambling problem?

You can begin treating your problem straight away. The very first step in recovery is being open and honest about the problem either by admitting to yourself that something is wrong or by sharing the problem with someone close to you. Without this first step there can be no further therapy.

Hypnotherapy can re-programme your gambling addiction.

Once the gambler has admitted having an addictive problem then Hypnotherapy can use hypnosis and powerful neuro linguistic techniques to recode the way the person connects with the positive emotions around gambling and winning. In effect, the 'buzz' can be totally removed from any kind of win so that there is no urge or desire to keep gambling, and therefore the gambling cycle is stopped dead.

Are you ready to let go of your addiction?

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