Fear of Horse Riding

Have you got an unhealthy fear of riding horses?

There are an increasing number of cases coming to light of people who lose their confidence when riding their horse either for pleasure or in competitions. Even if the person suffering has been a competent rider in the past they can suddenly for no reason end up experiencing a genuine and yet irrational fear about mounting or dismounting a horse let alone competing in a hobby or profession they love

What are the symptoms for fear of horse riding?

For most horse riders I see there is an acute sense of unease, disorientation, dizziness and feeling of being 'out of control'. Often there is a sense that the horse is going to mis-behave in some way causing an accident, or the person suffering believes they will be unable to clear a jump successfully. For people who don't compete but simply ride their horse for pleasure there is often anxiety around the idea of mounting and dismounting the horse, or the horse suddenly behaving badly to some distraction, which the rider cannot know about ahead of time.

The negative consequence of horse riding phobia.

As a result of this problem many horse riders eventually give up the sport they love so much. It can be very difficult for the rider to accept that they must give up their passion for horses and competing, not realising that this phobia can be treated incredibly quickly and effectively so that riding can resume.

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Effective hypnotherapy treatment for fear of horse riding.

This clinic can claim a strong track record in dealing with this issue. Through a powerful combination of hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP you can learn to re-program the part of the mind which creates the negative response to horse riding. This technique known as the fast phobia cure is powerful and permanent.

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I decided to give David a go and am absolutely chuffed. After the first session I went home put out some jumps and just did it, after second and third just kept jumping. I have jumped in the arena and field and not bothered about doing it.
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