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I used to constantly beat myself up for any problem in my life, no matter how small. I was a nervous wreck in new company and felt down most days. Through my work with Dave I don't anymore period!
Sally French (Ulverston, Cumbria)
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There are different kinds of confidence issues

Lack of confidence can take many forms. Are unsure about yourself because of how you think you look or behave or do you doubt your ability to be able to perform a job or carry out a specific task? Maybe you are worried about performing in front of people or delivering a speech or simply nervous about taking an exam of some kind?

Are you suffering from low self esteem?

This is a very common problem indeed and you need to realise that when if comes to confidence issues you are not alone. Through our upbringing, schooling and even through the workplace and relationships we can unfortunately learn how to develop a lack of confidence and poor self image. We unnecessarily expose ourselves to negative self talk, convincing ourselves that we are not good enough, not clever enough or attractive enough to function properly.

Sometimes self esteem makes us settle for second best or forces us to take a direction in life where we settle for just being comfortable

Fortunately because lack of confidence is a learned behaviour, it can in effect be un-learned with the help of hypnotherapy.

Treat confidence issues through hypnotherapy

In as little as 3 to 4 one hour sessions of hypnotherapy, through structured hypnosis and NLP exercises we can completely re-build your self perception and empower you to change your life for the better. If you are ready to take control right now, then simply fill out the form below and request your FREE consultation and callback.

If you do not live near Cumbria and are unable to visit my clinic, then you might like to try our powerful Mind-Sync confidence Mp3 which you can download immediately by visiting the Mind-Sync Shop. Used regularly this subliminal audio programme can provide you with an effective way to enter a more confident and positive frame of mind.

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