Fear of Dogs (Cynophobia)

Is a dog really man's best friend?

For most people cats and dogs are accepted as our pet companions. Unfortunately sometimes though people can acquire a real fear for dogs. Perhaps they were bitten at some stage, or maybe it was just that a dog barked angrily and frightened them. Sometimes this pattern of behaviour can even be passed on through the parent who also had a phobia for dogs or some other pet. It could be something just as innocent as a dog jumping up in a playful way when you were a child and suddenly the phobia is formed.

What are the symptoms for being afraid of dogs

The usual symptoms of increased adrenaline such as increase sweating, heart palpitations, feeling of light-headedness are all typical symptoms when it comes to feeling scared around dogs. The effects of the symptoms can range between mild to severe depending on whether the responses brought on by just the sight of the dog all the sufferer has a particular problem around certain breed of dog or even a specific dog

What are the negative consequences of having a fear of dogs?

If you, or a loved one, are scared of dogs, then you realise how your life is limited by this fear. Every time you are out and about in parks or open areas can cause you to feel uneasy at the prospect of there being a dog somewhere in the vicinity can leave you paralysed with fear. The great news is that you can overcome your irrational fear easily with hypnotherapy so that you can be free of your fear of dogs today and permanently.
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Hypnotherapy treatment for fear of dogs

Hypnosis trains the subconscious mind to re-pattern unfortunate and debilitating behaviours so that you can once again take control back in your life. Learn to outgrow the old part of you that was originally scared about dogs and teach it to develop new much more positive, relaxed and rewarding emotions around dogs.

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My son bought his wife a staffy for her birthday five years ago and I hadn't been able to visit them since. They always came to me and without the dog. Since my treatment I have had no problem around the dog at all and I actually have begun to get quite fond of the thing
John Talbot (Ulverston)
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