Fear of Spiders (Arachnophobia)

What causes a fear of spiders?

The answer to this is as varied as the people who have a problem with spiders or the thought of spiders. Everyone has their own reasons for being afraid. More often than not these fears stem from an earlier childhood experience which resulted in a distorted perception of being helpless and out of control. We have to remember that what may be seen as terrifying to a child may be completely ignored by an adult, but if the emotional distress as a child was strong enough then an irrational phobia can develop well into adulthood.

Do you feel paralysed and powerless around spiders?

The symptoms for Arachnophobia are similar to most other phobias - heart flutters, tight chest, nausea and shaking. These symptoms are brought about by the release of adrenaline into the system.

If your fear is preventing you from entering a room in your house because you believe a spider might be present or if it is causing you to make radical choices about where you choose to live or go on holiday then it may be time to do something which will help you overcome the fear permanently

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Learn effective methods for curing your spider phobia through hypnosis

One of the most effective methods for eradicating this phobia is through hypnotherapy and it can be incredibly quick and affordable. Here at Cumbria Hypnosis we help you to access your subconscious mind using clinical hypnotherapy, and NLP, so you can finally experience the freedom and confidence to be around spiders with complete calm and ease, and no nerves.

For years I had to get my husband to remove spiders from our bedroom and often I wouldn't sleep all night. With David's help I can now hold a live spider in my hands and it doesn't bother me!
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