Fear of Public Speaking

Many people have a fear of making public speeches

Whether you are a professional making a speech for a company or you are best man making a once in a lifetime speech about your best friend at his wedding, public speaking strikes fear into the heart of most people and is only marginally more terrifying than dying. Fortunately though hypnosis can help.

Struggling with wedding speech nerves

Even to imagine giving this kind of performance leaves the person feeling nauseas, shaky and even sweaty and light headed. This feeling is not uncommon for anyone who suffers from performance anxiety and the symptoms can often be paralysing

Where does performance anxiety originate?

Usually the root of such unproductive behaviour stems from childhood experiences, which although forgotten today, were at one point significant enough to set up this negative emotion of fear and embarrassment. Maybe you were asked to stand up in front of classmates and deliver a presentation. For whatever reason the speech did not go as well as you hoped and now creates the same emotional sense of failure and embarrassment into your adult life. What we learn earlier in life can greatly affect us later on.
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Learning to overcome your fear of public speaking through hypnotherapy

Through hypnosis your fear of public speaking can be re-patterned so that the expectation of failure no longer exists. Once you recognise the feeling of being able to stand on any platform and sense no nerves, that feeling is one which you can carry with you permanently and in effect wipe out the original association. Whether you are suffering from stage fright, public speaking, wedding speeches or delivering a work presentation, hypnotherapy could provide you with the answer to your problem

Last month I had to give a talk at work to my colleagues. It was a last minute thing and in the past I would never have considered it. The talk went really well and I am so glad I did it…….
James Palmer (Dalton)
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