Shopping Addiction Hypnosis (Shopaholic)

People used to laugh at me until they realised that because of this problem of mine I had lost two partners and nearly declared myself bankrupt
Pam G (Carlisle)

Are you a shopaholic?

On the surface this almost sounds like a made up addiction but nothing could be further from the truth. There is a certain addictive chemical in the brain called Dopamine which causes a 'high' and a sense of enjoyment whenever you shop and have a positive experience. The more you shop and feel good each time the more you become addicted to the experience and need to shop even more to feel the same level of pleasure. Often shopaholics find the love of shopping replaces some 'hole' in their lives made more noticeable when they are bored, unfulfilled or feeling in a low mood. Ironically though the sense of enjoyment is short lived and simply leads to a feeling of unconscious guilt.

So what's wrong with that? The truth is often the shopaholic just like someone who drinks to excess, gambles, is addicted to drugs or even chocolate can never feel satisfied and so will spend excessive amounts of money, which may be limited, and create mountains of debt. There is almost a hoarding mentality involved with this addiction, which untreated can lead to quite a serious problem.

Most shopaholics tend to be unaware they have a problem until they check their bank balance or credit card statement at the end of the month. With online shopping making the process of parting with your money even easier, the Being a shopaholic can lead to relationship problems, especially when the other partner is unaware of the growing problem.

Want to find a solution for this problem?

Fortunately there is an affordable solution, which can offer a permanent solution to this problem. Through a varied mixture of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnotherapy, the shopaholic can be given tools for neutralising the thrill of spending money or the behaviour of regular shopping. This process can be effective in as little as three 60 minute sessions, and certainly will only cost a fraction of what is spent through the existence of this unfortunate and yet very common and real addiction.

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Find a way to control your over spending

Gaining control over any addiction needs the person struggling with the condition to recognise that the problem exists in the first place and to take responsibility. Just because you may be currently suffering with this problem that does not mean you have to keep feeling trapped. You still have options. The thoughts and emotions which are keeping you trapped and constantly spending are only an illusion and through my effective methods you can be empowered to let go of these subconscious ties so that the short lived high you get from spending to excess.