Subconscious Code Reprogramming Therapy

Subconscious Code Reprogramming Therapy

The way we construct our percpetion of the world is very much dependent on the senses we relate to SIGHT, SMELL, TASTE , TOUCH and SOUND. We experience and feel emotion based on what we perceive and often this process is processed on an unconscious level. What this means is that using this knowledge we can dramtically alter the way a person feels by displacing their initial representation of these internal ‘pictures’. Here exclusively at Cumbria Hypnosis we use a unique blend of NLP (neuro-linguisitic programming), SCRT (Subconscious Code Reprogramming Therapy) and hypnotherapy to bring about changes in all areas of a person’s life, including, depression, anxiety, addictions and of course fears and phobias. This therapy is highly effective with any habit or behaviour, which is rooted in past experience or pattern formed experience (schema) such as comfort eating, smoking, alcohol addiction.

If you weren’t born with the issue there’s a good change that SCRT can decode it. We think of the brain at birth like a beautifully clean computer, in most cases you’re born without ‘viruses’ or any learned ‘programmes’. As we grow and develop we learn behaviours and our mind is so powerful that if we believe we have the issues then simply we do! Our body doesn’t know the difference.

SCRT can decode the programme that contains the ‘virus’ and effectively remove it from your system and replace it with the chosen behaviour or emotion . SCRT treats various other issues including certain allergies, jealousy, lack of creativity, feelings of guilt and issues that can’t quite be described but are easily felt.

Infact the list of things our treatment can help is endless with many more applications being discovered all the time…. If you believe SCRT can help you then simply fill out your details on our main enquiry form and David Faratian SCRT Consultant will call you to see how SCRT can work for you.

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Wishing you all the best

David Faratian