Migraine Relief

The Power of Hypnosis To Relieve Migraines

A migraine is a severe form of a headache. Many people suffer from migraines all around the world. Various triggers can produce the onset of a migraine. However, reducing the likelihood of a migraine occurring and getting rid of one once it occurs, can be challenging. Studies have been conducted showing that hypnotherapy can be quite beneficial to the migraine sufferer. In many studies, hypnosis has been shown to be more beneficial than medications.

Common triggers of migraines include hormonal changes, stress, food, changes in sleep patterns, medications, and changes in the surrounding environment. Symptoms of migraines vary from person to person, but many people report moderate to severe pain that pulsates, worsens with physical activity and interferes with day-to-day activity, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and/or sound, and sometimes experiencing auras. A migraine can last for 4 to 72 hours, but frequency varies greatly.

One study compared the effect of hypnotherapy versus the prescription medication prochlorperazine (Stemetil). The study consisted of 47 participants who reported feedback every month for a year. They reported number of attacks per month, severity of attacks, and complete remission. Results of the study showed that those who received hypnotherapy reported far fewer migraine attacks compared to those who received medication. Out of 23 participants who received hypnotherapy, 10 of them ceased to experience migraines. Out of the 24 participants who used medication, 3 of them ceased to experience migraines.

Another study reported the benefits of behavioral therapy. These approaches include relaxation, biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and hypnosis. Hypnosis can help migraine sufferers avoid triggers such as controlling stress and avoiding certain foods.

Two hypnotherapy techniques used in treating migraines include the hand warming and glove anesthesia. These techniques put migraine sufferers in control of their pain by helping them transfer warmth or numbness to their head where their head hurts. These techniques were shown to be more beneficial than simple relaxation exercises. This study concluded that medication is ineffective in treating chronic migraines and supports psychological treatment because there are no side effects.

These studies show that hypnotherapy and natural methods of treating migraine headaches are more effective than using medication. The fact that hypnosis has no side effects and many prescription medications have many side effects makes hypnotherapy a more natural and safe approach to treating migraines. In addition to no side effects, many studies have shown that the effects of hypnosis are more lasting and beneficial compared to the use of medication.

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Hypnosis Effectively Treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome

By David Faratian (Clincal Hypnotherapist)


There is now growing evidence strongly suggesting a link between psychology and IBS treatment. Like so many other areas of medicine which eventually have to admit defeat, Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an area which normal medicines can only partially treat. New research indicates that hypnosis may be effective at relieving certain cases of IBS and indeed several independent scientific studies have linked "gut-directed" hypnosis to an easing of symptoms in some patients with IBS when other standard treatments have failed. In some cases there were noticeable improvements in some IBS patients receiving hypnosis. Out of a group of patients selected for being unresponsive to normal dietary and relaxation advice, over 40% of the group were able to to see a decrease in their overall symptoms.

IBS patients suffer from repeated bouts of abdominal cramps and bloating, and alternate between constipation and diarrhea. Through conventional treatment changes in diet, anti-diarrheal medication and laxatives or fiber supplements for constipation can be sufficient to improve symptoms but where this isn’t the case psychological therapy like hypnosis may help train a spontaneous relaxation process which is driven through subconscious processes. With many irrritable bowel cases, stress and over production of gastric acid can lead to many of the aforementioned syptoms. For this reason, hypnotherapy by its very nature is ideal for targetting any latent stress, which may be leading to over production of reflux acid or poor digestion. Reducing the amount of stress ,in effect, can help lower the frequency and severity of your IBS symptoms. Another way that hypnotherapy helps alleviate the syptoms is by changing the patient’s attitude and ability to handle the syptoms. Learning to relax is almost certianly a key strategy when it comes to dealing with conditions like IBS; other condtions include migraines and hypertension. If you wish to learn how to self hypnotize or develop ritual relaxation approaches you can gain access to a FREE course available on the HOME page of this website.

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How Medical Hypnosis Is Giving Hope

By David Faratian


For many people hypnosis and hypnotherapy belong in the realm of voodoo and hocus-pocus. As more studies are conducted on brainwaves and how altered states can be induced through guided suggestions, there is more and more agreement within the scientific community that positive physiological benefits can be experienced through carefully structured hypnotherapy sessions. More interestingly, studies have found that children and animals who naturally exhibit the brainwave frequencies typically associated with Hypnosis are more prone to Hypnotherapy treatment and are more likely to deal with problems experienced during childhood such as bedwetting and nightmares and lack of self confidence through bullying etc the most exciting area, yet to be explored in depth, is the area of learning and the brains ability to
accelerate memory. It is now generally agreed that Hypnosis and self-diagnosis induce the natural states of learning associated with alpha and theta brainwave frequencies. Once these states can be conditioned and triggered at will the ability to retain information long term is dramatically increased.

But studies have gone further and proven that through carefully guided imagery people suffering from pain and in particular burn victims have greatly increased their speed of recovery by visualising cooling images around any affected areas. This would indicate that Hypnosis has a neuro psychoneuroimmunological effect on the individual and is a very versatile alternative therapy which has a scope far beyond simple habit management like losing weight and stopping smoking. This has very exciting implications indeed. As there is a greater understanding of consciousness and in particular the innate intelligence we all understand as the subconscious, Hypnosis opens the gateway to self-healing on a much larger scale than we may at first have appreciated.


Fear of childbirth - A Growing Problem

According to the Association for Improvements in Maternity Services women are more concerned about giving birth than ever before. No one would argue that giving birth is a life-changing experience so it comes as no surprise that women are apprehensive about having their first baby. So why is the problem apparently getting worse.

Through research it has been agreed that there are a number of factors responsible, not least the growing number of images on television, which expose mothers to be, to dramatic and often harrowing scenes of real labour. Moreover, the change in social awareness and equality means more women than previously are pre-disposed to wanting to have greater control over their lives which leads to a rise in anxiety and opting more and more for Caesarean birth. In fact, according to one study, twice as many women are opting for this option than a decade ago.

Understandably, it is often first time mothers, who have yet to experience childbirth, who tend to suffer this anticipatory anxiety. Months and weeks before the event the strong associations with being out of control and the perceived pain which often arises through shared experiences from older relatives or friends who have may have gone through a less than positive labour tend to be transferred subconsciously to the part of the brain which conditions patterns of latent stress. Unlike other fears and phobias, fearing childbirth is not just a fear for the mother herself, but also her unborn child. The added responsibility of ensuring a safe delivery for the child simply adds to the exisiting layers of stress, which are a natural part of the pregnancy already.

There is no doubt that the unknown is one of the main factors in anxiety around childbirth. The mother who doesn’t know any better can effectively, but often incorrectly, rehearse the days leading up to labour, the arrival and the trauma associated with a painful delivery, so well that the mind and body work together to make the imagined experience a self fulfilling prophecy.

Strategies for relieving this unnecessary stress are not only desirable but also necessary. Relaxation techniques during childbirth have moved on from the traditional breathing exercises taught in the past and many expectant mothers can now turn to more natural alternatives like aromatherapy or even self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis and more specifically, hypnotherapy and NLP can be extremely effective in getting over the ‘mental block’ of childbirth because prior to labour the mother can not only rehearse a more controlled and relaxed birth, but through self-hypnosis she can also learn to control any pain she might be anticipating.

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David Faratian (Clinical Hypnotherapist)




Mind Over Cancer


Research has shown that harbouring negative emotions in the mind and body is one of the major causes of psychosomatic illnesses today. It is possible that past trauma, anger, resentment, sadness, regret, guilt and other negative emotions which  have not been resolved are embedded deep in our subconscious memories, causing an imbalance in the body which could manifest as illness and chronic pain.

This program allows you to bring would bring about a  new refreshing, holistic approach to healing through your mind. Each session is dealt with empathy, compassion, caring and understanding.  These sessions are known to cause a positive shift within you and can turn your health around dramatically!

Note: Through various studies,  research has shown that hypnotherapy can have tremendous benefits to those requiring hospital care and especially for patients before and after surgery. The healing times for those who undergo some form of relaxation and hypnotherapy before surgery is minimised, patients feel more in control and less stressed and this assists in overall healing of the body.

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