Hypnosis Effectively Treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome

By David Faratian (Clincal Hypnotherapist)


There is now growing evidence strongly suggesting a link between psychology and IBS treatment. Like so many other areas of medicine which eventually have to admit defeat, Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an area which normal medicines can only partially treat. New research indicates that hypnosis may be effective at relieving certain cases of IBS and indeed several independent scientific studies have linked "gut-directed" hypnosis to an easing of symptoms in some patients with IBS when other standard treatments have failed. In some cases there were noticeable improvements in some IBS patients receiving hypnosis. Out of a group of patients selected for being unresponsive to normal dietary and relaxation advice, over 40% of the group were able to to see a decrease in their overall symptoms.

IBS patients suffer from repeated bouts of abdominal cramps and bloating, and alternate between constipation and diarrhea. Through conventional treatment changes in diet, anti-diarrheal medication and laxatives or fiber supplements for constipation can be sufficient to improve symptoms but where this isn’t the case psychological therapy like hypnosis may help train a spontaneous relaxation process which is driven through subconscious processes. With many irrritable bowel cases, stress and over production of gastric acid can lead to many of the aforementioned syptoms. For this reason, hypnotherapy by its very nature is ideal for targetting any latent stress, which may be leading to over production of reflux acid or poor digestion. Reducing the amount of stress ,in effect, can help lower the frequency and severity of your IBS symptoms. Another way that hypnotherapy helps alleviate the syptoms is by changing the patient’s attitude and ability to handle the syptoms. Learning to relax is almost certianly a key strategy when it comes to dealing with conditions like IBS; other condtions include migraines and hypertension. If you wish to learn how to self hypnotize or develop ritual relaxation approaches you can gain access to a FREE course available on the HOME page of this website.

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