How Medical Hypnosis Is Giving Hope

By David Faratian


For many people hypnosis and hypnotherapy belong in the realm of voodoo and hocus-pocus. As more studies are conducted on brainwaves and how altered states can be induced through guided suggestions, there is more and more agreement within the scientific community that positive physiological benefits can be experienced through carefully structured hypnotherapy sessions. More interestingly, studies have found that children and animals who naturally exhibit the brainwave frequencies typically associated with Hypnosis are more prone to Hypnotherapy treatment and are more likely to deal with problems experienced during childhood such as bedwetting and nightmares and lack of self confidence through bullying etc the most exciting area, yet to be explored in depth, is the area of learning and the brains ability to accelerate memory. It is now generally agreed that Hypnosis and self-diagnosis induce the natural states of learning associated with alpha and theta brainwave frequencies. Once these states can be conditioned and triggered at will the ability to retain information long term is dramatically increased.

But studies have gone further and proven that through carefully guided imagery people suffering from pain and in particular burn victims have greatly increased their speed of recovery by visualising cooling images around any affected areas. This would indicate that Hypnosis has a neuro psychoneuroimmunological effect on the individual and is a very versatile alternative therapy which has a scope far beyond simple habit management like losing weight and stopping smoking. This has very exciting implications indeed. As there is a greater understanding of consciousness and in particular the innate intelligence we all understand as the subconscious, Hypnosis opens the gateway to self-healing on a much larger scale than we may at first have appreciated.

The power of the human mind

Please picture an iceberg and now imagine that the iceberg is submerged and all that you can see is the very top of it. The rest of that huge bulk lies deep below the water. Well, if you were now to imagine that the bit that you can see above the water approximately 10% represents the part of your mind that you use during an entire lifetime, while the bit below that huge roughly 90% is the part of your brain that never gets used, then you’ll understand how we are not only underutilising our very own ‘supercomputer’ but just consider the potential of the mind which many people miss out on. In the words of author James Allen “ You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you”

So what if you could harness that potential no matter how old or young and literally master your mind to achieve some quite amazing things, which may at first seem impossible and certainly untreatable from a conventional medical point of view. Would that be of interest?

In the blog that now follows, over coming weeks and months, I hope to be able to share with you just how powerful the mind really is and what you can personally achieve once you are open to the possibilities for change. My intention is not to baffle you with science nor do I wish to make any extreme claims about the subject matter to follow. What I do hope is to de-mystify the myth about all things to do with the mind, mind control and hypnosis. The media has understandably stirred a subconscious interest in mind power, from psychological illusionists like Derren Brown to hypnotherapists like Paul McKenna and even more recently from magicians like Dynamo, that enigmatic blend of science and the paranormal is intuitively appealing to even the most skeptical. It is far more interesting to be challenged by the unexplainable than to simply have that experience handed to your understanding on a silver platter; it’s just how we are built.

I hope that the reader finds the information interesting, educational and certainly helpful in what it may open up in terms of opportunities for personal development. I will begin as from next week exploring how the mind can be used for faster and more effective learning by discussing the fascinating subject of accelerated learning and memory, so whether you are an emerging student or a more mature learner looking to maximize your brain’s potential you may just wish to ‘tune in’ next time. Let the journey into mastering your mind begin.